VIA.ZZO 3D brand of Aragon Grup



Terrazzo is a flooring finish made of marble, granite, glass, or other natural or synthetic aggregates and fillers, mixed with cement and/or resin binder, seamless, poured on-site, grinded, grouted and polished to shine. It descended directly from simplified forms of centuries-old styles of marble mosaics used in Venice by the mid-16th century.


Is a 13-18 mm thickness epoxy-terrazzo material, seamless handmade poured on wood, metal, concrete 3D objects/structures, grinded and polished to shine. It is applied on both flat and curved surfaces.


Decorative and functional BESPOKE design objects handmade of VIA.ZZO material. Fascinating about VIA.ZZO 3D is that you can easily create your own and unique fingerprint from shapes, colours and stones.

Allows for amazing creative freedom!